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Collagen Infused Portable Soap

Portable, moisturizing soap that’s as kind to your hands as it is to the earth. Fully biodegradable and 100% sustainable. Keep your hands safe and well-nourished with Nonisoap by ZANOVA.
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What is Nonisoap?

You've most likely found yourself using hand soap a lot more often lately. And while you've probably appreciated its protective benefits, you may have noticed your hands have become prone to dry skin and premature wrinkling. Wouldn't it be preferable to have a go-to, go-anywhere soap that doesn't hurt your hands after frequent use – or better yet, a soap that makes your hands healthier? At Zanova, we're focused on building innovative solutions that make self care more convenient while also doing good by our environment. That's why we're proud to share our Portable Moisturizing Soap.

What makes NONI different?

Noni by Zanova wants to be your trusted source for sustainable self-care products. We use only the highest quality ingredients to enrich our products, so our customers can be confident they are receiving the absolute best in self-care. We are also committed to designing and innovating products that nourish our bodies without using wasteful plastic. Our passion for reducing plastic waste has led us to partner with Package Free –there, you can find sustainable alternatives to the products you use daily, giving you a path to start reducing your plastic usage, waste and environmental impact today.

Learn about our commitments to reducing plastic footprints and wasteful water consumption.

Treat your hands to the very best – they deserve it.

Keep your hands protected and nourished without over-drying.

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